Surreal and Psychedelic Oil Paintings of Shang Chengxiang

Shang Chengxiang
Shang Chengxiang is a talented 30 years old painter and artist based in Shenyang Shi, China. Shang graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. His work digs into the deep psychic of human being, revealing the anxiety, fear and fantasy of unconsciousness. Some beautiful creations inspired by the dreams of the artist, psychedelic colors, absurd settings, lunar landscapes and temporary nature of his feelings. Chengxiang's views and thoughts on unrealistic dreams allows him to communicate his emotions and feelings through a world of unexpected possibilities.

The colorful cloud/ smoke in his “Cloud Path” series derive from the rainbow-color forest that once appeared in his dream, many drafts and attempts later, the artist couldn’t recreate the scene in his dreams, the illusionary quality of dreams started to sink into Chengxiang’s mind. He compares this illusionary quality of dreams to the evaporating quality of cloud and smoke, both temporary and unobtainable. He started to combine colors with clouds in his paintings, together with surreal and dream like images, Shang Chengxiang leads his audiences to a world of unexpected.  

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