Beautiful Portrait Paintings by Alejandra Abad

Alejandra Atarés Abad
Alejandra Atarés Abad is a Spanish painter from Zaragoza who currently lives and works in Barcelona. She received her B.A in Fine Arts from University of Bacelona (UB) and also studied at University of The West of England, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design, MASSART, Boston.

Enigmatic And Dreamlike Oil Paintings by Mike Worrall

Mike Worrall
Mike Worrall is a talented British self-taught fine artist and painter who was born in 1942 in Matlock Derbyshire and currently based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Mike creates impressive oil paintings showcasing dreamlike surreality hang in private collections and gallery shows worldwide.

Surreal Watercolor Paintings by Zazac Namoo

Zazac Namoo

Zazac Namoo is a talented painter and video artist from South Korea, who creates watercolor masterpieces that will blow your mind. His different painting styles blend so well together, the watercolor bleeding and realism are really visually pleasing. Zazac loves to travel and paint, mostly his paintings are about animals and nature.

Miniature Pencil Drawings by Mateo Pizarro

Mateo Pizarro
Mateo Pizarro is a talented artist and painter from Mexico, who currently based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. With his Micro Barroque project, Mateo creates tiny masterpieces with amazing detail and precision focusing on the work of shadows and light.

Volumetric Landscape Painting by Ross Penhall

Ross Penhall
Ross Penhall is a talented painter and artist based in Vancouver, Canada. Ross was born in 1959 in West Vancouver, he attended the studio art program at Capilano College and studied printmaking with internationally renowned print maker and AfK patron Wayne Eastcott. His slight alteration of the landscape adds yet another layer to the man-nature dichotomy: rather than depicting a scene with rigid realism, he transforms it into something entirely new through an intricate process of visual editing. The bold, unconventional paintings eliminate human beings, leaving only their traces, in groomed trails, clipped hedges, winding roads and orderly flora.