Photorealistic and Narrative Paintings by Martina Grlić

Martina Grlić
Martina Grlić is a talented 34-year-old painter and artist currently based in Zagreb, Croatia. She received her MA in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Since 2008 she has been exhibiting at a number of solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad including Croatia, France, Poland, China, Italy, Austria. Martina is a winner of the Erste Grand Prix Reward for the best painting. She is a member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Fine Arts) and HZSU (Croatian Association of Contemporary Artists).

Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings by Young-Sung Kim

Young-Sung Kim
Young-Sung Kim is a talented Korean artist and painter, who was born in 1973 in Seul and currently based between New York and Korea. Kim produces hyperreal paintings of contrasting subject matters to illustrate the differences between the living and the material. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide and has been honoured with many awards including the Korea Youth Biennale in 1996.

NYC Subway Doodles by Ben Rubin

Ben Rubin is a talented illustrator from New York City, who takes pictures with his iPad and then applies his imagination in his ongoing art series called "Subway Doodle". "One day I took a picture with my iPad on the train and drew over the picture," he says. "It was fun so I did another. And another. Then it just kind of continued from there.”

Beautiful Portrait Paintings by Alejandra Abad

Alejandra Atarés Abad
Alejandra Atarés Abad is a Spanish painter from Zaragoza who currently lives and works in Barcelona. She received her B.A in Fine Arts from University of Bacelona (UB) and also studied at University of The West of England, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design, MASSART, Boston.