Acrylic Paintings by Allan Otte

Allan Otte
Allan Otte is a talented painter and illustrator, who was born in 1978 and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Allan educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2002-2007. His scenes are undramatic, depopulated, and stagnant. Allan's technique is also quite intriguing, there is a great mix of blurring and textures which makes his paintings almost dizzying to look at. A situation, a physical event, an accident, sure, but no activity and only a rather thin-legged story. It happens: Cars collide, buses swerve when the roads are icy, sometimes the traffic stops suddenly and unexplainably and causes the infrastructure to break down. But this painting is not interested in the accident, nor in the causes of it, the consequences of it or the practical circumstances surrounding it.

Before painting, Otte collages and manipulates photographic source material, both his own and found images, with exacting consideration for proportion and pictorial juxtaposition. The use of colour is extremely vivid throughout Otte’s work, combining saturated hues to represent brightly coloured objects of industrial manufacture, verdant greens for grass and foliage, and lustrous browns for earth and wood. This carefully attenuated sliding scale of colour intensities is offset by expanses of neutral greys and whites.

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