Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings by Young-Sung Kim

Young-Sung Kim
Young-Sung Kim is a talented Korean artist and painter, who was born in 1973 in Seul and currently based between New York and Korea. Kim produces hyperreal paintings of contrasting subject matters to illustrate the differences between the living and the material. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide and has been honoured with many awards including the Korea Youth Biennale in 1996.
Since the early 2000s Young-Sung Kim has concentrated his exploration of life on small living creatures such as snails, frogs and goldfish. Many of his paintings feature these species resting on small man-made objects.

The series explores a modern society where the lives of animals are constantly threatened and some have been driven to extinction due to the advanced development of material civilizations.

Young-Sung Kim’s paintings are part of numerous private collections and the permanent collections of the Seoul City Museum of Art, Art Retreat Museum and many more. His work has been exhibited in London, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, and many other international galleries.

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