Fantastical Character Designs by Bobby Chiu

Bobby Chiu
Bobby Chiu is a talented illustrator, conceptual artist and educator currently based in Toronto, Canada. Bobby’s art career started at the age of two with a box of crayons and his family’s white living room walls. He got his first professional art job at the age of seventeen, designing Disney, Warner Bros., and Star Wars toys. His gift has been appreciated by couple of art competitions and magazines as well, and he won number of awards about his individual works.

Chiu does digital painting of whimsical and bizarre animals (particularly rabbit-sort-of-things), more realistic animals like cats and dogs (though in fanciful interpretations), and and assortment of odd characters including fairies and dragons.
"I’m in full control over what I do. I can pick and choose the projects that seem fun and which interest me. If none are on my plate, I can create my own projects and do what I love all day long. I work longer and harder now than I ever did before but it’s great because it’s on my own terms. The satisfaction I get from that is indescribable."
-Bobby Chiu

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