Realistic Self Portrait Oil Paintings by Monica Rohan

Monica Rohan
Monica Rohan is a talented 24 years old painter and illustrator who grew up on a dairy farm in Kerry Valley and currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. At the age of 17, armed with a hefty dose of youthful enthusiasm, she left the farm and relocated to Brisbane to dedicate herself to developing her art practice. Monica studied Fine Art with honours at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University from 2008-2011. Her intricately detailed paintings have focussed on self-portraiture. She is a master at bringing to life vibrant hues on different thread. Sometimes, there is no fabric in her paintings, but instead a sheet of grass or a plethora of flowers that stretch over the figure. Rohan was a finalist in the Redland Art Award, James Kiwi Watercolour Prize and the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize.

Each image is rendered in minute detail, with coloured and patterned forms undulating around the slightness of her figure, dwarfed within the picture plane. She describes the way she works as “a completely selfish absorption into the painting itself – meditative but also infuriating. It’s about feeling too much, or feeling like I feel too much, when even the most insignificant and ordinary moments flourish into an external struggle.” Rohan’s imagery may be an expression of the aloneness that is common in our increasingly fast-paced and technologically connected and overloaded lives. It is their delicate poignancy that draws the viewer into the rabbit hole of the artist’s imaginary world.

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