Illustrations by Sergiy Maidukov

Sergiy Maidukov
Sergiy Maidukov is a talented illustrator and designer based in Kiev, Ukraine. His work is a rich mix of forms and colours, and ways to relate and mould them into stand-out illustrations. He is constantly playing with palettes and compositions. Sergiy works in modern retro direction, cooperate with some magazines and publishing houses, such as The Boston Globe, Diplomat, Architectural Review, Datum, Harvard Business and many others.

I draw my illustrations with a few different techniques. My favorite way is to draw a picture on paper, then scan it and finish it in Photoshop.
However, for me a ‘hand drawing’ is not always possible, because (of course) most of projects have tight deadlines and I have not got time to make a mistake and start again. So, most of my drawings are almost completely digital.
-Sergiy Maidukov

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