Digital Illustrations by Brian Edward Miller

Brian Edward Miller
Brian Edward Miller is a talented illustrator and artist based in Erie, Colorado, USA. He is also the owner of Orlin Culture Shop. Brian was born and raised in Colorado and was nourished artistically as far back as he can remember. His father, a professional musician for the Air Force Academy and photographer, instilled in him the notion of hard work, dedication, and growth through perseverance. Brian's mother, a DOD worker by profession, was a passionate artist and crafter who taught him the value of exploration within the arts. She was fearless in her willingness to try her hand at new endeavors and quite adept when it came to picking up new things.

Brian Miller's goal is to provide quality illustration and story telling with the professional hard working ideals his family modeled to him and to chase down that elusive vintage aesthetic which played such a powerful role in his childhood.

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