Daily Food Become Funny Sketches of Diego Cusano

Diego Cusano
Diego Cusano is a talented painter, graphic artist, musician and also a self-proclaimed fantasy researcher, currently based in Perugia, Italy. Cusano's work marries plating with illustration. He augments fruits, veggies, pasta, and other small objects with animal bodies or the faces and shapes of pop art icons like Coco Chanel. When creativity meets a piece of paper and a pencil the results can be unpredictable, Diego Cusano knows pretty well. Food imbues the pictures with colour which blend seamlessly into his witty black and white creations where pears double up as hot air balloons, scotch eggs as eyes, a burger and a burger as a bull dog's snout.

The project was born when I was looking for a subject for my music video (yes, I grew up between pastels and my piano) as I also write and produce songs. You know, it always comes a certain point when you need to look for a moment to feel like you are out of the world, as in an other reality where to unlearn what you knew so far. That’s the reason why I started and kept on going create these kind of illustrations.

- Diego Cusano

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