Children’s Superheroes Shadows by Jason Ratliff

Jason Ratliff
Jason Ratliff is a talented freelance illustrator, art director and graphic designer currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jason was graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Visual Communication Design. He creates illustrations with a mixture of ink, acrylic and a light dose of whimsy. For his new project "Super Shadows", Jason created stunning illustrations that captures the magic of children’s imagination. Ratliff combines traditional, detailed illustrations with abstract, mosaic silhouettes.

I would consider myself a creator of a whimsical, if not overly aspirational world. My particular artistic voice is a marriage of my design and fine art backgrounds - a traditional illustration style mixed with a design-influenced color pallet and composition. With my Walking Shadows, I seem to have created a series of work that has resonated with people worldwide and I can only be so lucky if what I create next connects with as many people again.
 Jason Ratliff

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