3D Goldfish Paintings by Riusuke Fukahori

Riusuke Fukahori
Riusuke Fukahori is a talented Japanese artist, who paints three-dimensional goldfish using a complex process of poured resin. Each of his fish works are found inside common Japanese household items like bowls and cups. The painstaking process sees the artist begin with a thin layer of resin, which he then paints fish onto using acrylic.

After graduating from Aichi Art University Department of Design in 1995, Riusuke Fukahori has pursued artwork full-time. In 2000, when his career reached a low point, he suddenly became fascinated by his goldfish—which despite being abandoned for seven years was still alive. The artist calls this incident "Goldfish Salvation." Without restricting himself to one genre, he creates diverse expressions with the exclusive subject matter of goldfish.

“I am not a resin artist. I am a goldfish artist,” he has said. Fukahori alternates between pouring resin into a vessel and painting goldfish with acrylic paint, giving the resulting work a three-dimensional optical effect.

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