Stunning Drawings by Kristian Mensa

Kristian Mensa
Kristián Mensa was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic. An artistic sense has already begun to develop in his early childhood years when a pencil was his best friend. In the first grade of elementary school he was introduced to acting, drawing and music – more specifically piano – and those activities are still in his everyday schedule for more than 11 years. Another passion was added to Kristián’s interests when he was 12 years old. He fell in love with dancing and started to attend b-boy classes. Soon it became his another favorite activity that was besides drawing, acting and piano playing entertaining his body and mainly his mind.

In 2014 Kristián decided to pack his suitcase and leave for one year to Denver, Colorado with AFS. Everyday inspiration led him to find a brilliant perfection in everyday, simple and often boring objects. He started incorporating those objects in his illustrations and his creative thinking has begun to grow. After many features, interviews and mainly successful drawings he has realized that ART in a non interchangeable role in his life and always will be.

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